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Hotel Mobile App
Appytect Features

Appytect will allow hotel’s to get their Hotel App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Attract clients to all the amenities and services offered by your hotel with your hotel application. Robust customization options will highlight hotel’s brand and provide convenience in promoting hotel facilities and services with nearby attractions and destinations. You can get this app by borrowing 100 pound payday loan

A dedicated mobile app for your hotel can do wonders for your guests and hotel’s overall brand. Combining mobile booking engine and in built booking engine, it gives guest new way to book directly with the hotel and provide their feedback right from their smart phones.

Hotel Information
Contact Information – Phone Numbers, Emails
GPS Enabled way back to hotel
Social Media Pages
Booking Information
Hotel Amenities
Highlight the most prominent amenities which are famous among your guests which are available at the hotel.
Amenities Offered
Restaurants & Bars
Recreational Centre
Spa & Wellness
Swimming Pools
Points of Interest
Guests can easily get guidance searching for the nearest points of interest.
Local Travel Guide
Train & Bus Stations
Gas Stations
Medical Care
Highlight the best promotions your hotel has to offer for various services leading to higher revenues.
Special promotions for mobile bookings
Special Weekend Offers
Discounts on Hotel Facilities
Special Prized Tickets to local events
Travel Guide
Be your guests personal travel guide offering them the highlights they would like to see during their stay.
Attractions and Traditional Sights
Restaurants and Bars
Shopping Malls
Local Events and Festivals
Travel Tips
Online Booking Engine
Provides your guests with complete branded experience where they can book directly with the hotel.
Real-time booking – anywhere, anytime
Interfaced with PMS
Complete with Brands look and feel
Flawless booking experience