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eZee BurrP!
Restaurant Management Software

eZeeBurrP! is a desktop based restaurant POS designed to give restaurants all the tools it requires to increase pace of service and improve overall efficiency. Offering range of customizable options, the POS system is ideal for fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, bars, etc. and it has complete touch screen support for touch-based interaction.

With its easy to use nature and simple GUI, the staff of different departments in a restaurant can start using the software in their natural business environment without any hassle and increase their business efficiency.

The software also offers many modules for table reservation, stock, and material management. A kitchen display system for new orders, and allows restaurant managers to handle loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, and a lot more with integration of PDA / Handheld devices for order taking facility. The web-based reporting helps anyone keep track of all the reports from anywhere in the world.

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Major Modules & Features
Operation Modes :
Dine In
• See live status with easy to understand GUI of floor plan (table layout) and different sections of outlets
• Reservation List, Waiting List, Table Transfer, Split KOT/Quantity/ Table Orders etc.
• Toggle Options to view occupied/vacant tables, all/individual orders, and Timer
• Instant notification for orders ready for delivery
• Caller id interface identifying customer from database, shows guest’s order history for better service
• Route drivers as per the orders and track delivery status
• Pinpoint customer address with built in map generation capability making it easy for deliveries
• Handle Driver In and Driver Out to effectively detemine which driver is out for next order delivery
Room Service
• Direct access to in house guests lists with search option
• Accesses to credit limit set by Front Office
• Post F&B bills to guest’s hotel folio/invoice
Take Away
• Guest Check Function
Menu Management and Item Modifiers :
• Classify items according to menu group, menu sub group and modifier group
• Create custom menu for different occasions and days
• Create and manage modifier items to create combos
• Set modifiers according to menu group, individual items, etc.
• Define multiple rates with bill of material (BOM) for efficient tracking of inventory
• Create database for all item recipes displayed in the front end for the staff
Table Management
Flexible Discount System
Add discount in percent or dollar amount for individual item/ menu groups /transaction
Add employee/staff discounts
Add special discounts on special menu items/menu groups/happy hours and specify further by time/dates/day
Create multiple tax categories for covering central, state, and other tax types
Edit/exempt tax types during transaction
Create separate tax categories for branches in different states and countries
Guest Check
Split Receipts/Merge Receipt /KOT
Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)
Table Change
Advance Order
Miscellaneous Sales/Income
No Charge
Menu view modes
Main view
Retail view
Barcode view
Item code view
Inventory and Stock Management Module
Real-time inventory and ingredient tracking (Automatic/Manual stock check)
Initiate transfers between different stores
Update stock rates according to last purchased/average/weighted average
Multi level user authorization for issuing/purchasing of stock
Manufacturing and tracking intermediate items
Kitchen Display System
Authorization/Kitchen/Checker mode
View mode for Current, Pending and Order served list
Ability to transfer and display menu items according to item types or menu groups
Payroll Module
Track employee time attendance with support for biometric scanners, card scanners, etc.
Create and manage different pay heads for calculating salary and pay slips
Employee Schedule and Leave Management
Loyalty / Gift Card Module
Create and manage different card types like gift, loyalty, membership and prepaid
Create special promotions according to card type
Prepaid system for member’s club, schools and college canteens, company canteens, etc.
eZee Sync - Headquarter Module
Real-time communication ensuring transfers are recorded at all locations
Manage unlimited number of locations with head office
Automatic synchronization of sales receipts at day close
SMS & Email Notification Module
Notification to management of daily reports and updates
Confirmation of services to guests
Banquet Management
Create different themes and packages for efficient management of banquets
Buffet management and inventory management for events.
Menu Card Definition & event Quotations
Planning invoicing and payment of conference packages
Third Party Software Integration
Financial Accounting Software, Credit Card Server, Hotel Management Software, Guest Feedback System, Tablet based Menu system
Third Party Hardware Integration
PDA Hand Held Device for Order Taking (per PDA), Android Tablets and iPads, Caller ID System, Biometric devices, Weigh Scales, Fiscal Printers, Wall mount displays and pole displays, KDS Device and other POS Peripherals
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