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eZee Centrix
Hotel Channel Manager
eZee Centrix - Features and Applications

eZee Centrix is a Channel Manager that helps hotels to manage their property’s rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. eZee Centrix; a new state of the art channel manager give clients the tools to easily manage all property rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. It will automatically update all the changes made on client’s end to all the channels instantaneously.

eZee Centrix can be accessed from anywhere at any given time through smart phones/tablets which keep you updated without any hassle no matter where you are. The Channel Manager ensures that your rooms are distributed globally by making your property connect to Global Distribution System (GDS) consisting of Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan.

In addition to GDS, we have a comprehensive list of channel partners with whom eZee Centrix is currently compatible with and we are new channels are always added on a regular basis. In today’s highly competitive market, global exposure is must and eZee Centrix is the right tool to attract new clientele.

Single-point dashboard for managing all your distribution channels

Micro-manage and macro-manage all your distribution channels and with eZee Centrix’s instant response system track all up-to-minute bookings from different sources from a single dashboard.

Instant automatic update across all channels

eZee Centrix allows you to update all your OTA’s (Hotel Booking Portals), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), hotel website and hotel Facebook page. Furthermore, any changes made in packages and descriptions are updated instantly.

Yield management

A tool from where you can, combine multiple factors such as room types, fees and sales channels to create flexible rates. The system allows you to set up availability according to the rules set by you, and taking into account your occupancy level, giving you an edge over the competition and making quick decisions in high seasons.

Minimal overbooking

Your hotel will hardly face issue of overbooking, as eZee Centrix will instantly update all the channels with revised availability whenever a reservation comes from any channel or source.

Maintain rate parity without any effort

Maintain total control of your pricing strategy without rate parity issue with eZee Centrix. The system will automatically update changes made in the rates across all the channels. In addition, the rates will also update across TripAdvisor, Google and other price comparison sites automatically.

Monitor your competition with rate spider

Check your competitor’s rates with Rate Spider in eZee Centrix, giving you the ability to change your pricing strategy, according to the market conditions to maximize profits.

Designated account manager

eZee will provide your hotel with a dedicated account manager who will exclusively look after your eZee Centrix account. As the primary point of contact for eZee Centrix, your account manager will help you with implementation, channel communications, and any other support requirements you may have.

Complete Integration with PMS and Booking Engine

Integrates with Property Management System (PMS) and Online Booking En¬gine which instantly and automatically deliver the new reservations into your PMS and updates the reservation list on your booking engine.

Utilize full inventory efficiently

Integrates with Property Management System (PMS) and Online Booking En¬gine which instantly and automatically deliver the new reservations into your PMS and updates the reservation list on your booking engine.

Select the right channel for your hotel

Having the right mix of OTAs on which your hotel will be visible is the key for higher occupancy and constant growth. eZee experts will guide you in selecting the right mix of channels and implementing a broad and far-reaching online distribution strategy to cover your target markets.


eZee Centrix consolidated reports show real-time data allowing hotels for live analysis and better strategic planning. The system collects all the relevant data and allows hotels to create reports on number of bookings, bookings received per channel, rates, etc. All the relevant information can be accessed anytime and is presented in an easy to understand format.